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So everyone in music is very focused right now on the ultimate outcome (or rather income) from the shift to streaming music, and the rates set to be paid to songwriters and publishers.  Our own Jimmy Nash wrote an excellent blog about it in June if you’d like to read a quick and entertaining summation of the whole situation.

We didn’t feel like talking about endless court battles today though, so instead, we thought we’d share this post from Wired magazine. Apparently, Matt Daniels, along with RapGenius, analyzed the vocabulary usage of over 100 rappers in comparison to Shakespeare and Melville. So who is the Barron of Bloviation? Whose encyclopedic verbosity reigns supreme? It would seem that Aesop Rock’s circumlocutory trandscends everyone, including Melville’s Moby Dick. Although to be fair, Melville never really had a chance for a proper rap battle since he died a century too early. Also, this knowledge dropping article gives proper credit to E-40 for the phrases “all good,” “pop ya colla,” “you feel me,” and the generally Snoop Dogg accredited “shizzle.”

So with all the looming decisions in music, this article brightened our day with some great music history, so we hope you enjoy it too.